NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamin for Women – with Vitamins, Minerals, & Organic Extracts – Supplement for Energy and Heart Health – Non GMO – 240 Vegan Capsules فيتامينات غذائية كاملة للنساء ، 240 كبسولة

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  • شركة ناتشريلو إحدى الشركات الأمريكية المتخصصة فى صناعة المكملات الغذائية الطبيعية العضوية و الحاصلة على العديد من شهادات الجودة العالمية
  • مكونات نباتية ممتازة ، فيتامينات ومعادن مستخلصه من فاكهه و خضروات عضوية طبيعية
  • أفضل توافر بيولوجى : صور الفيتامينات والمعادن المتوفره بيولوجيا لأفضل إمتصاص
  • فيتامينات متعددة مصنوعه من فواكه وخضروات عضوية لتمد جسمك بجميع إحتياجاته وزيادة إنتاج الطاقة  ، مع إستكمال العوامل الغذائية التى تساعد جسمك على التعرف على العناصر الغذائية وإمتصاصها
  • هذه التركيبه غنية بمضادات الأكسدة مثل الكركم والجينسنج والشاى الأخضر والزنجبيل وبذور العنب واللوتين والماكا لدعم طاقتك ولصحة المخ والقلب والعين
  • كما تحتوى على مزيج من الأنزيمات والبروبيوتك لمساعدة جسمك على تكسير وإمتصاص العناصر الغذائية ، ولدعم الهضم الصحى ، ولصحة الأمعاء و لصحة العظام
  • خالى من اللون والطعم الصناعى وخالى من مسببات الحساسية
  • Premium Plant-Based Ingredients: Our Whole Food Multivitamins are made with plant-based vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D3 from lichen, Vitamin E from Sunflower, and Calcium and Magnesium from marine algae.
  • Whole Food Nutrition: Our multivitamins are made with real, organic fruits and vegetables for that whole food nutrition your body craves, complete with nutritional cofactors that help your body recognize and absorb the nutrients.
  • Better Bioavailability: Our premium formula includes activated B vitamins like Methyl Folate, B6 P-5-P, and B12 Methylcobalamin, and chelated minerals like Selenium and Zinc for better absorption and bioavailability.
  • Antioxidant Superfoods: Our formula includes antioxidant-rich herbal extracts like turmeric, ginseng, green tea, ginger, grapeseed, lutein, and maca to support your energy, brain health, heart health, and eye health.
  • Healthy Gut Support: A blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics is included to help your body break down and absorb the nutrients in your multivitain and your food, and to support healthy digestion and a happy gut.

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whole food multivitamin

At NATURELO, we believe that the best vitamins and minerals come from nature, not from a lab. That’s why our supplements are made with clean, plant-based and functional ingredients that are easy for your body to absorb and use. We think you’ll feel the difference.

plant based nutrition

clean ingredients


GMP certified

Plant-Based Nutrition

Real food ingredients grown in sunshine, water, and soil.

Keepin’ It Clean

Non-GMO with no artifical preservatives or additives.

Whole Body Health

Support for your energy, health, and well-being.

3rd Party Verified

Made in a GMP-audited facility and lab tested for purity.

whole food benefits

energy support

bone health

reproductive health

Energy Support

Power through your day with high potency B vitamins to support energy production, gentle iron to maintain healthy blood oxygen levels, and natural iodine from kelp to support a healthy thyroid – plus herbal support from organic maca, ginseng, and green tea.*

Bone Health

Stay strong and keep up your active lifestyle with plant-based calcium and magnesium to support healthy bone density and muscle function – plus vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 MK-7 to help your body absorb and use calcium correctly, so that it goes into your bones, not your arteries.*

Reproductive Health

Support your reproductive health and help ensure a healthy pregnancy with active methyl folate, vitamin B6 (P-5-P), and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) – plus a gentle, non-constipating iron to help avoid low iron levels as a result of menstrual blood loss.*

brain health

hair, skin, nails

heart health

Brain Health

Stay on top of your task list and keep stress in check with B complex vitamins and inositol to support cognitive function and maintain a balanced mood — plus traditional herbal brain support from organic ginkgo and ginger.*

Hair, Skin & Nails

Boost your natural beauty from the inside out with vitamins and minerals that support healthy growth, repair, and regeneration of your hair, skin, and nails, including high potency biotin and vitamin C, vitamin A as natural beta carotene, and plant-based vitamin E from sunflower, plus chelated zinc and selenium.

Heart Health

Support your cardiovascular health with B complex vitamins to help manage homocysteine levels – plus antioxidant-rich herbs and spices like turmeric, grape seed extract, Ceylon cinnamon, and resveratrol to help maintain blood vessel health and support a healthy inflammatory response.*

immune support

eye health

digestive support

Immune Support

Keep your immune system in shape with high potency vitamin C, plant-based vitamin E and vitamin D3, and an easily absorbed, chelated zinc to support your natural immune defenses and upper respiratory health year round.*

Eye Health

Support healthy vision and help protect eye tissues from the damaging effects of bright blue and UV light with antioxidant vitamins and minerals, including natural vitamins A and E, vitamin C, zinc, and selenium — plus plant-based carotenoids like lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, and rutin.*

Digestive Support

Support healthy digestion and a happy gut with digestive enzymes and probiotics to help break down food efficiently, reduce digestive discomfort, and aid nutrient absorption so you can get the most out of your food and your multivitamin.*

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