Norwegian Marine Collagen Powder | Lemon Taste | Wild-Caught Fish from North Atlantic Ocean | 2-Months Supply | Hydrolysate Peptides | Supplement for Skin, Hair, Nails | 100% Natural | 300 g مسحوق كولاجين نرويجي بحري نقي بطعم الليمون 100% ، بيبتيدات الكولاجين المحلل فى أعماق المحيط ، لتحسين صحة البشرة والشعر والأظافر والمفاصل والأوتار والأربطة ، 300 جراما

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March 31, 2023

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  • زود جسمك بأنقى أنواع الكولاجين المحلل فى أعماق المحيط الأطلسى
  • كولاجين بحرى غنى بالأحماض الأمينية الأساسية لإصلاح العضلات والمفاصل والأربطة والعظام
  • لزيادة نضارة ورطوبة البشرة والقضاء على التجاعيد
  • التوافر البيولوجى العالى وسرعة الإمتصاص ، بفضل البروتين سهل الهضم ، يمتص بشكل أسرع ويتم نقله الى الجلد والعظام لتخليق الكولاجين الجديد
  • بطعم الليمون المميز
  • خالى من مسببات الحساسية
  • PROVIDE YOUR BODY WITH THE PUREST NORWEGIAN COLLAGEN AVAILABLE. Type I & III collagen peptides produced from sustainable wild-caught cod skin from the cold, pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean (Norwegian & Barents Sea). PROUDLY MADE IN NORWAY.
  • HIGH BIOAVAILABILTY, RAPID ABSORPTION & UTILISATION with easily digestible protein (over 95% protein). Absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently than mammal collagen.1 With its smaller particle size (3kDA), it allows for faster uptake and transportation of the collagen peptides to skin, bones and tendons for the synthesis of new collagen.
  • PERFECT AS AN AFTER-EXERCISE AND RESTITUTION DRINK. Marine collagen has unique amino acid profile vital for muscle repair, joints, ligaments and bones. Neutral in taste and smell: can be mixed in warm ( coffee & tea ) or cold drinks , yogurt, porridges and more.
  • GREAT EFFECT ON SKIN AS PROVEN BY CLINICAL STUDIES: Clinical-dermatological application test on women aged 40-55 by Dermatest, Germany. Seagarden Marine Collagen was very well tolerated and led to a significant increase in skin moisture, showing an average improvement of 34.8% rising to 80.1% at the highest.
  • THIRD PARTY PURITY TESTED. Our collagen is 100 % natural, Keto-friendly, GMO free, Halal certified and free from antibiotics/hormones. Our marine collagen is produced according to strict quality standards (FSSC 22000, HACCP, Smeta- 4 Pillars) in our factory in Avaldsnes, Norway.

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humans, and the natural world we live in.

Product Description


We care about our seas

Norway was the first country in the world to implement a strict quota system on cod fishing. Now, we have the largest and most sustainable cod stock in the world, and Norwegian cod numbers have been at a record high over recent years. The Norwegian fishing industry is almost unique in the world, being based on sustainable fishing and clear, clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. This is the reason for the excellent quality of our products.

Seagarden is the only producer of marine collagen in Norway and Scandinavia. We use the skin of wild cod fish which is a by-product of the fishing industry, thereby ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

We create clean and safe products

At Seagarden, we extract marine collagen peptides type I & III via mild enzymatic hydrolysis. A production process which is far gentler than the one necessary to obtain bovine or porcine peptides. Additionally, marine collagen is absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently* in the body than mammal collagen. Our collagen’s low molecular weight of 3 kDA means that there is faster uptake and transportation of collagen peptides to skin, bones and tendons for the synthesis of new collagen.

*Sripriya, R. and Kumar, R. (2015) Food and Nutrition Sciences, Vol. 6, 1468-1478.

Norwegian wild caught cod, collagen hydrolysate for skin, hydrolysate protein, 100% pure and natural

Story of the “skrei” (Norwegian cod)

Every winter a miracle happens in the northern part of Norway. The Skrei (prime Norwegian-Arctic cod) returns from the ice-cold waters of the Barents Sea to their original spawning grounds off the northern Norwegian coast. This long arduous journey means the wild cod develops strong muscles, incredibly firm flesh, and unsurpassed in taste and texture.

Seagarden Marine Collagen is made from the skin of sustainable wild-caught Norwegian Arctic Cod from MSC- certified fisheries (Marine Stewardship Council).

The MSC Fisheries Standard is used to assess if fisheries are well-managed and sustainable.

skin hydration, supplement for hair and nails, collagen hyaluronic acid, dry skin, reduce wrinkles

Skin hydration and aging prevention

In 2017, Seagarden conducted a clinical dermatological study with Dermatest, Germany comprising women aged 40-55 using our marine collagen daily for 8 weeks. Our product was well tolerated and led to a significant increase in skin moisture, showing an average improvement of 34.8% rising to 80.1% at the highest.

Another independent study in 2013 showed that a daily intake of marine collagen peptides improved skin elasticity in a group of women aged 35-55 after 4 weeks.

The same group of researchers also found a positive impact on the body’s own production of procollagen type I, elastin and a reduction in eye wrinkle volume in women aged 45-65.

Important Benefits of collagen type l & lll for the body

Collagen Type I is the most abundant type, 80 % of the collagen in our body is type l and is found mainly in skin, tendons, ligaments, bones and internal organs .

Collagen Type lll is typically found together with type l. Seagarden collagen contain collagen type l & lll, as small bioactive peptides.

Due to their low molecular weight (3kDa) collagen peptides allows for faster uptake and transportation of the necessary amino acids to skin, hair, nails, bones and tendons for the synthesis of new collagen.

Pure Lemon Strawberry Lemon Stick Fish Complex
Pure Marine Collagen Lemon Taste Marine Collagen Strawberry Taste Marine Collagen + Vitamin C Marine Collagen Peptides + Vitamin C Fish Complex
Weight 300 g 300 g 150 g 30 x 5 g 200 g
Vitamin C
Collagen Type I & III
MSC Certified
Dairy/Gluten/GMO Free
Form Powder Powder Powder Powder Capsules
Key Ingredients Collagen peptides from hydrolysed cod skin (Gadus morhua). Collagen hydrolysed peptides from hydrolysed fish (Cod, Gadus morhua), natural lemon flavour (2,5%), acid (citric acid E 330) Collagen peptides from hydrolysed cod skin (Gadus morhua), Acerola, natural aroma, sweetener (steviol glycosides) Collagen hydrolysed peptides from hydrolysed fish (Cod, Gadus morhua), acerola juice concentrate (vitamin C), natural lemon flavour (2,5%) acid (citric acid E 330), natural flavouring, sweetener (steviol glycosides E 9610). Fish powder from white fish (Codfish (Gadus morhua), Saithe (Pollachius virens) and Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus)), natural antioxidant (tocopherol-rich extract), coating substance (fatty acid magnesium salts, silicon dioxide).

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