Wellness Extract GG Essential Annatto Derived Dietary Supplement for Statin Users, Pack of 60 Softgels Capsules 150mg

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  • Balanced Hormones – GG Essential helps in hormones synthesis that gradually declines with age. GG naturally supports hormones with Taurine that acts as an aging supplement.
  • Supports Healthy Aging – As age advances, the body needs more energy to support its functions. GG Essential acts as an energy booster supplement for adults by maintaining the levels of GG in the body.
  • Supports Heart Health: GG is an essential molecule for producing COQ10, which helps in synthesizing cellular energy. GG may be very helpful in lowering triglyceride levels in the blood.
  • Reduces Statin Side Effects – common side effects of long term statin treatment is muscle pain and weakness. GG Essential helps to revive and nourish muscle cells while improving the protein prenylation process.
  • Essential Vitamins -With Vitamin K2 and Mk4, GG Essential helps to properly channelize calcium trafficking to bones and teeth without deposition in other tissues and joints, thereby helping in preventing early degeneration.

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Muscle Protein Synthesis

GG is essential for growth, differentiation ,and survival of cells. It can help prevent age-related loss of muscle mass and help maintain its strength and functionality.

Bone Health

Vitamin K–a crucial contributor to bone health ,particularly in the form of K2,is needed for proper functioning of proteins that deposit calcium into bones, and teeth while inhabiting calcification of soft tissues, such as blood vessels, kidney, gallbladder and joints. GG supplementation can help replenish this essential nutrient and ensure the preservation of its arterial and bone health benefits.

Hormone Regulation

Studies show that testosterone levels in men decrease with age, which is linked to chronic conditions and shortened life expectancy. In testis-derived cells, GG has shown to regulate steroidogenesis which enhances the hormone levels in men including progesterone.

CoQ10 Synthesis

CoQ10 has shown to improve symptoms associated with mitochondrial disorders. Statin treatment which directly targets the pathway to decrease cholesterol, also decreases CoQ10 unintentionally, and is shown to be a myopathy biomarker. GG acts as a building block to promote normal CoQ10 levels with statin application, restore mitochondrial function and support healthy muscles in a synchronous approach.

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