Vitamaze Garcinia Cambogia 700 mg 240 Capsulesجارسينيا كامبوجيا 700 مج 240 كبسولة

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November 30, 2023

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  • انتاج شركه فيتاماز الالمانيه التي تتبع أعلى معايير الجوده العالميه
  • جارسينيا كامبوجيا نباتي و طبيعي، و مناسب للرجال والنساء و ذات تركيز عالي 2530 مجم للجرعه اليوميه
  • الفاكهه الأشهر عالميا في كبح الشهيه وإنقاص الوزن
  • تسرع الجارسينيا مع الكولين من التمثيل الغذائي للدهون والتخلص منها طبيعيا دون اعراض جانبيه
  • خالي من مسببات الحساسيه، و مناسب لمن يعانون من الحساسيه
  • علبه إقتصاديه تكفي شهران
  • High dose: 240 capsules for a 2-month course of Garcinia Cambogia extract with 2,538 mg per daily dose with 60% HCA. The natural fruit extract from the Malabar tamarine, ideally combined with choline, contributes to a normal fat metabolism.
  • Natural fat burner: our product is completely free from genetically modified ingredients and any unnecessary additives and is suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Best bioavailability: without the controversial additive magnesium stearate (magnesium salts of fatty acids) for optimal active ingredient absorption. Many other manufacturers use magnesium stearate as a release agent in their production.
  • Quality product: we only produce in Germany. Our production conforms to the HACCP concept. We work closely with scientists and experts in the development and manufacture of our products.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: satisfied customers are important to us, please contact us if you have any questions about our products. We are here for you. Buy today without risk.

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Our brand “Vitamaze | Amazing Life” stands for well-being and an active lifestyle. It is the ideal companion for anyone who wants to live relaxed and vital. The high-dose vitamins, minerals and plant extracts systematically contribute to the natural preservation of many body functions.

All dietary supplements offered by us comply with the strict Vitamaze guidelines. We work closely with scientists and experts when developing our own products. The quality of the raw materials is first class. All products are as pure and natural as possible and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers, as they do not contain unnecessary allergens. All products are without the release agent magnesium stearate to ensure good bioavailability.

Garcinia Cambogia Tamarind Tree Bark Pumpkin India


Garcinia Cambogia

Native to South Asia, Garcinia Cambogia is an evergreen tree that can grow 5 to 20 metres high. The tree carries yellow to orange-coloured, pumpkin-like fruits of the size of an orange. The fruit, more precisely the fruit bark, is mainly used in Asian cuisine as a spice. In addition, it is also used in traditional healing art. The superfood is known by us under the name Malabar tamarind.

Vitamaze | Amazing life: Garcinia Cambogia + Choline

The Garcinia Cambogia extract is contained in our capsules with 2,528 milligrams (daily dose). The active ingredient is extracted from the bark of the fruit – this is hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

The superfood is accompanied by another vital substance that completes the appetite suppresser: Choline Choline contributes to a normal fat metabolism, a normal homocysteine metabolism and to the maintenance of normal liver function.

  • 240 capsules for a 2-month treatment.
  • Optimised physiological combination of Garcinia Cambogia extract (2,528 mg daily dose with 60% HCA) with choline. Choline contributes to normal fat metabolism.
  • Two capsules of Vitamaze Garcinia Cambogia (morning and evening) each with 1-2 glasses of water (300-400 ml)

Free from additives.

For allergy sufferers.

Best bioavailability: Without the release agent magnesium stearate (magnesium salts of fatty acids) to maintain the ideal effectiveness. Please find out about magnesium stearate and its effects.

Free from: No genetically modified ingredients as well as pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilisers or other harmful substances. No sugar.

Suitable for allergy sufferers: Our products are free from gluten, lactose and other allergens.

Best quality.

  • Registered with the German Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL).
  • Unrestricted traffic ability confirmed by independent tester.
  • Produced in Germany according to the official HACCP concept.



Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Orange Green

Choline contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism.

Choline contributes to normal fat metabolism.

Choline contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function.

Carnitine. Turmeric Amino acid. Collagen Biotin.
L-Carnitine. Turmeric + Pipertin + Vitamin C. Amino acids complex. Collagen + Hyaluronic Biotin + Zinc + Selenium.
Daily dose. 680 mg L-carnitine. 1440 mg turmeric powder. With all 8 essential amino acids. 600 mg pure collagen. 10,000 μg pure biotin.
Contents: 120 capsules. 120 capsules. 120 tablets. 60 capsules. 365 tablets.
Duration: 2 month treatment. 40 days. 12-day treatment. 1 monthly treatment. 1 year treatment.

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