Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954 IPL – Hair remover with 3 Attachments for Face, Body, Bikini – Cordless and Corded Power جهاز فيلبس لوميا برستيج لإزالة الشعر بالضوء مع ثلاث ملحقات

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  • جهاز فيليبس لوميا برستيج لإزالة الشعر بالضوء مع ثلاث ملحقات
  • لإزالة الشعر من جميع مناطق الجسم (الوجه و منطقه العانه وتحت الابط والساق والذراع
  • أول جهاز في العالم مزود بمرفقات منحنيه لكل مناطق الجسم
  • يكسر دورة تجديد الشعر ويمنع الشعر من النمو لمدة تصل الى 6 أشهر
  • Worldwide Voltage 110-240 volts. The US adapter is included. You can use it in any country
  • The world’s first IPL with curved attachments for each body area – 3 attachments for body, face, bikini & underarms.
  • SmartSkin sensor indicates most comfortable setting for your skin tone.
  • Cordless and Corded functionality.

Only 1 left in Stock


Philips Lumea IPL laser hair removal
IPL women laser hair removal device

What is IPL and how does it work?

Intense Pulsed Light uses warm gentle light to break the cycle of hair regrowth and put the hair to sleep. Gentle, pain-free pulses of light are applied at the root and, after several treatments, hair is prevented from growing back for up to 6 months, leaving you feeling more confident.*

*Median hair reductions after 12 treatments: 78% on legs, 64% on bikini, 65% on armpits

Personalised Hair Removal, Tailored to You
Smartskin sensor

SmartSkin Sensor

Every body area is unique, so Lumea comes with different attachments for customised treatment. The attachments are curved to ensure optimal skin contact for ultimate precision. The SmartSkin sensor measures your skin tone and then indicates the most comfortable light setting for you.

Suitable Hair and Skin Types

Suitable Hair and Skin Types

Lumea Prestige is effective on naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and on skin tones from very white to dark brown. As with other IPL-based treatments Lumea cannot be used to treat white, grey, light blonde or red hair and is not suitable for very dark skin.

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