Nutravita Organic Ashwagandha 2100 mg – High Dosage – 240 Vegan Capsules – Highly Effective Certified Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder – Vegan Ashwagandha Compound جذور الأشواجندا العضوية النباتية ، 2100 مجم من الأشواجندا (تركيز عالى) ، 240كبسولة نباتية

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  • جذور الأشواجندا  العضوية من نيوترافيتا من اعلى البراندات العالمية فى مجال المكملات الغذائية
  • تساعد الاشوجندا على زيادة هرمون التستوستيرون ، وزيادة الخصوبة للرجال ، وزيادة الرغبة الجنسية
  • تساعد فى زيادة الكتلة العضلية
  • تعمل الأشواجندا على تقليل الكوليسترول الضار والدهون الثلاثيه ، كما تعمل على خفض مستوى سكر الدم
  • تحسن صحة الجهاز المناعى
  • تعمل على تحسين المزاج وزيادة مستويات الطاقة
  • عبوة إقتصادية بها 240 كبسولة
  • ✔ Excellent value for your money: Our organic Ashwagandha compound contains 2100 mg Ashwagandha root extract per serving. With a daily intake of 3 capsules per day, the product will last over 2.5 months. Similar to traditional Ayurvedic medicine, we only extract the root due to its adaptogenic properties.
  • ✔ Nutravitas organic ashwagandha: Our highly effective organic ashwagandha capsules are 100% vegan and are harvested and manufactured under organic standards, which means that the raw material contains significantly more essential nutrients than conventional barley grass. The reason for this is that no toxic chemicals such as pesticides are used in the harvesting process. This process also helps to protect the environment, which is a top priority here at Nutravita.
  • ✔ Premium quality ingredients: Our capsules are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are free from GMOs, gluten, lactose and wheat. They are organic, pure and absolutely free from binders, fillers and additives.
  • ✔ Every production batch is tested: Our manufacturer has achieved a BRC certification of the level AA, which is the highest level possible for announced testing processes. This ensures that every production batch and ingredient is tested so we offer only products of the highest quality to our customers.

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2100 mg organic Ashwagandha DE
2100 mg organic Ashwagandha DE
2100 mg organic Ashwagandha DE
2100 mg organic Ashwagandha DE
2100 mg organic Ashwagandha DE
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2100 MG

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