NaturalisimoLife Chanca Piedra 1600 mg – Peruvian – 120 Tablets Kidney Stone Crusher Gallbladder Support تشانكا بيدرا 1600 مجم ، لتفتيت حصوات الكلى والمراره ، ولصحة الجهاز البولى ، 120 حباية

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January 31, 2025

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  • تشانكا بيدرا  1600 مجم العشب الأمثل لصحة الجهاز البولى والمراره
  • لتفتيت حصوات الكلى والمراره وإزالة السموم منها
  • لتحسين صحة الكبد و المثانة والكلى
  • يخفض ضغط الدم المرتفع وكذلك سكر الدم
  • خالى من مسببات الحساسية
  • علبة إقتصادية تكفى شهران
  • Chanca Piedra has been used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon for treatment and removal of kidney stones and gallstones.
  • Our Chanca Piedra contains 120 tablets serving 800 MG per easy to swallow tablets which is the highest in the market
  • Millions of Americans suffer from kidney stone or gallstone problems luckily nature has a remedy to help.
  • Manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in a FDA registered facility. Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO. Manufactured in the USA made with Raw Peruvian Chanca Piedra

Only 2 left in Stock



chanca piedra 800 mg

Our Chanca Piedra 1600 MG is pure and high quality Chanca Piedra imported from Peru. Which promotes the liver’s normal function by purging harmful substances.†

Peruvian Raw Material Made with Peruivan Chanca Piedra leaves. Chanca Piedra supports:†

  • Liver & Bladder Health †
  • Kidney health Support †
  • Urinary System Support †
  • Gallbladder Support †
chanca piedra 1600 mgChanca Piedra 1600mg tablets Our tablets are easy to swallow and have no after taste.
Our Peruvian Chanca Piedra does NOT containNo GMO’s, gluten, soy, sugar, yeast, startch -No Artificial ingredients, no milk, no lactose
chanca piedra 800 mg

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