ALPHA01 Olive Leaf Extract Capsules – 11,250mg – Wild European 20% Oleuropein (750mg 1:15 Extract), 90 Vegan Capsules – No Additives — Non-GMO, Gluten Free. مستخلص أوراق الزيتون الخام 750 مجم للجرعة ، 90 كبسولة نباتية

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  • مستخلص أوراق نبات الزيتون الخام لا يحتوى على زيت الزيتون
  • مستخلص أوراق الزيتون الخام له خواص مضادة للأكسدة ويحمى الخلايا من التحطم والأمراض
  • لتحسين صحة الجهاز المناعى
  • لتحسين صحة وظائف المخ وزيادة التركيز وقوة الذاكرة ولتحسين صحة الأعصاب
  • لتحسين صحة القلب والأوعية الدموية ولتحسين ضغط الدم
  • خالى من مسببات الحساسية
  • علبة إقتصادية تكفى 3أشهر
  • ✔PHENOLIC POWERHOUSE: Olive trees are beautiful evergreen trees native to the Mediterranean coast that produce luxurious fruit and world-famous oil. However, the antioxidant properties of olives are much more concentrated in the leaves, which contain copious amounts of the phenolic compound oleuropein. This powerful formula contains 750mg of olive leaf extract in every single capsule, which provides a whopping 150mg of ultra-pure oleuropein.
  • ✔STAR OF THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET: The Mediterranean diet is inspired mainly by the eating habits of Italy and Greece, where there is a high consumption of healthy fats and olive oil is consumed with every meal. The diet has risen to fame in recent years due to the health and longevity of the Mediterranean people, with many of its benefits being directly attributed to the daily consumption of olive oil.
  • ✔WILD, NATURAL & POTENT: Olive trees are extremely tough and adaptable, capable of surviving intense heat, drought and even freezing temperatures. It is for this reason that we use only wild-grown olive leaves in our formula. Wild-grown olive leaves are more potent, have fully developed defence mechanisms, and contain around three times more oleuropein than cultivated leaves.
  • ✔OUR VALUES: This product is 100% raw, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and preservative free!
  • ✔ALPHA01 PROMISE: Proudly sourced in the EU, we bring you only the highest quality ingredients – so you can feel comfortable about what you’re putting in your body. All of our products are GMP certified and fair trade.

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Product description

The olive leaf is a potent source of nutrients and antioxidants, including the phenolic compound oleuropein which is found nowhere else in Nature. This exclusive compound is thought to be responsible for many of the nutritional benefits of olive leaf and explains why olives make up such an important part of the Mediterranean diet. The olive leaf is also a rich source of polyphenols and flavonoids, including catechin (commonly found in green tea), luteolin and rutin. To extract as much antioxidant potency as possible, we only use wild-grown olive leaves in our formula. This is because wild-grown olive leaves contain more than three times the amount of oleuropein than cultivated leaves. Always fair trade and non-GMO, this supplement is made from premium ingredients sourced in Europe and meets all food safety requirements.


Olive Leaf Extract 20% Oleuropein, Magnesium Stearate (Vegan), Rice Extract, HMPC Capsule Shell.

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Female Teens, Male Teens, Men, Men 50, Men 70, Women, Women 50, Women 70


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