Nutravita Collagen Peptides Protein Powder – 450g of Superior Grass-Fed Bovine Protein Powder – 100% Natural Collagen نيوترافيتا ، كولاجين بقرى ، 450 جرام من مسحوق البروتين البقرى ، كولاجين طبيعى%100

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August 31, 2025

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  • شركة نيوترافيتا من أفضل شركات البريطانية لصناعة المكملات الغذائية
  • مسحوق كولاجين ببتايذز بروتين يحتوي على 45 جرعة من الكولاجين 100% طبيعى
  • الكولاجين يحتوي على 18 حمض أميني ضرورى لبناء الجلد والعظام والأوتار والأربطة والعضلات
  • الكولاجين محارب للشيخوخة والتجاعيد
  • يحسن صحة الغضاريف ويسهل الحركة ويقلل آلام المفاصل
  • الكولاجين ضرورى لبناء العضلات ومرونة وصحة الجلد
  • يجدد أنسجة العظام ويخفف أعراض هشاشه العظام
  • مهم للرياضيين لبناء الكتلة العضلية وتسهيل الحركة
  • خالى من مسببات الحساسية
  • ✔︎ WHY BUY NUTRAVITA’S PURE HYDROLYSED BOVINE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES? – Our expertly formulated Pure Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Peptide powder is only 72 calories per serving and offers 45 days’ supply. In addition, our bovine collagen is both Halal and Kosher.
  • ✔︎ HOW TO USE NUTRAVITA’S BOVINE COLLAGEN? – Our unflavoured Collagen Powder is quickly dissolvable in water, with no lumps or residue. Simply add to your coffee, tea, juice, or any other hot or cold drink!
  • ✔︎ WHO SHOULD TAKE PURE HYDROLYSED BOVINE COLLAGEN POWDER? Our expertly formulated Pure Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Powder is to be used alongside a balanced diet and lifestyle.
  • ✔︎ WHICH INGREDIENTS ARE USED IN NUTRAVITA? – We have a dedicated team of pharmacologists, chemists & research scientists working to source the finest and most beneficial ingredients allowing us to provide advanced, high strength vitamins & supplements which contain no artificial colours or flavours, GMO free and free from allergens such as Gluten, Wheat, Lactose and Nuts.
  • ✔︎ WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND NUTRAVITA? – Nutravita is a family business established in the UK in 2014 – since then we have become a recognised & trusted Vitamins & Supplements brand by our customers across the world. Our products are high quality – everything we manufacture is made & certified in the UK and safeguarded by the highest manufacturing standards in the world (GMP, BRC).

Only 1 left in Stock


Bovine Collagen
Bovine Collagen
Bovine Collagen

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