Qist Al-Hindi (Saussurea Costus) | Natural Supplement Non-GMO | Premium Sort of Costus Root | 100 Vegan Capsule – 500MG

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September 23, 2023

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  • Decreases blood sugar; Protects the liver; Contains adaptogenic activity (helps the body deal with stress);
  • Also has activity against worm (nematode) infections. Some research shows that costus root reduces the number of worm eggs in the feces about as effectively as treatment;
  • Costus has also been used for asthma and cough;
  • In research that was made by Yemeni scientists was proven the positive effects of Kist Al Hindi (Costus) on the virus of the immune system (HIV and AIDS), observed improvements in the condition of patients in the early stages.
  • Ingredients: Non-GMO Natural Premium Costus Root Saussurea Costus

Only 1 left in Stock

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Qist Al Hindi, Costus or Saussurea costus is a herbal plant that grows in the high valleys of Kashmir and the Himalayas. It has a large number of names in other languages, including “kuṣṭha” in Sanskrit; “kust” or “qust” in Arabic and Persian; “kut”,”kur” and “pachak” in Hindi and Bengali, “kostum”, “gostham” and “potchuk” in Tamil; “upaleta” and “kur” in Gujarati; “kot” or “kust” in Punjabi; “changala” in Telugu; “sepuddy” in Malayalam; “kostha” in Kannada; “kuth” or “postkhai” in Kashmiri; and “kosht” (קשט) in Hebrew; “koto” in Swahili. Saussurea costus is a classified as a perennial, with a typical growth of 1–2 m (3.3–6.6 ft) tall by 1 m (3.3 ft) wide. It has long lyrate leaves and heads of purple florets. The leaves take the shape of being auricled at base, with jagged, toothed patterns running down the sides of the leaves and are an average of 0.50–1.25 m (1.6–4.1 ft) long. The roots of the plant are stout and can travel up to 40 cm (16 in) in length. Costus root has bitter smell in a yellow or light brown color. There are two types of Costus Root. Both come in the form of a dried root and both provide amazing healing benefits: “Qist al-Bahri”, which is lighter in color and more mild. “Qist al-Hindi”, which is darker in color and has a stronger flavor.

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