Dr. Berg’s Self-Massage Tool, Best for Back Pain Relief, Handheld Neck and Lower Back Massager, Body Stress Reliever, Supports Healthy Sleep Cycles, Complete Package with Digital Video Tutorial

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  • Neck and Back Massager – For Personal Use Only
  • Made in USA
  • – – Dr. Berg’s Self Massage Tool has a special tripod design, an effective muscle massager for pain relief, and works well for back and neck massage and acupressure that extracts back and neck stress for total body relaxation and stress relief.
  • – – This body and neck pressure point device was developed to mimic Dr. Berg’s hands in reducing and eliminating stress and helps to massage neck and shoulders.
  • & – Dr. Berg’s body and neck release device works to help relieve tension, tightness, and muscle pain triggered by a variety of sources. Massagers for neck, back, and other muscles experiencing pain.
  • – A neck massager gives you less stress and more rest by simply using this handheld tool a few minutes before bed.
  • – If for any reason you’re not happy with the results you experience within the first 30 days, we’re happy to give you a refund! Simply send us a message. The refund will be processed as long as it is requested within 30 days of purchase. There is no need to return the product to us!

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Product Description

Let me tell you a bit about myself and my history. Since graduating from chiropractic school, most people call me Dr. Berg—officially, Dr. Eric Berg, DC, or just The Knowledge Doc. My main passion has been and continues to be teaching people about health-related topics, including Healthy Keto and intermittent fasting as a basic long-term eating plan. I love dissecting complex health problems, breaking them down so they are easy to understand, and connecting symptoms to a real cause.

In my 30 years of practice in Alexandria, Virginia, I had the opportunity to personally work with over 40,000 people using natural methods, nutrition, and the healthy version of the ketogenic diet (Healthy Keto). My clients have included senior officials in the U.S. Government, medical doctors, actors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, professors, engineers, as well as nurses, stay-at-home moms, and high school students. People from all walks of life and from all over the world visited me. I also devotedly did my in-house seminars several times a week, including external seminars in Governmental agencies, including the Library of Congress, Federal Communication Commission, National Institute of Science, FBI, and many others.

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