BRONSON Selenium 200 Mcg , 250 Capsulesكيلاتيد السيلينيوم 200 ميكروجرام ، لصحة الجهاز المناعى والبروستاتا ولصحة القلب والغدة الدرقية ، 250 كبسولة

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  • خليط السيلينيوم الشكل الذى يمتصه الجسم بسهولة ويكون متاح للجسم لفترة أطول
  • السيلينيوم 100% نباتى وعالى الجودة وبدون إضافات
  • يلعب السيلينيوم دور مهم لتحسين الصحة الجنسية ولصحة البروستاتا
  • لتحسين صحة الجهاز المناعى ولصحة القلب
  • ولحماية الخلايا من الأكسدة والتحطم لأنه عنصر موجود فى جميع الخلايا وله خواص مضادة للأكسدة
  • لتحسين صحة الغدة الدرقية و لتحسين صحة الشعر والاظافر
  • خالى من مسببات الحساسية
  • علبة إقتصادية تكفى 8 أشهر
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM, THYROID, HEART & METABOLISM SUPPORT – Selenium naturally supports immune system, healthy thyroid, prostate & heart function. Selenium may also play a key role in metabolism in both men and women.
  • U supplementation firsthand with their patients. Bronson Vitamins have been consistently mentioned by top medical professionals since our inception in 1960.
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BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: Since 1960, Bronson has been providing families with the highest quality products available. This 50 year heritage speaks for itself. But with so many online vitamin stores, why should you purchase supplements from Bronson? In short, our company is time proven, offering the purest, high quality vitamins backed by science. Trust Bronson to provide the very best natural health products for you and your family.

selenium 200mcg

Bronson Selenium 200 Mcg for Thyroid, Prostate and Heart Health – Essential Trace Mineral with Superior Absorption

Stay healthy and support your body with this trace mineral.

Exposure to environmental pollutants, everyday stress, and even natural body processes that convert oxygen to energy all create damaging free-radical compounds in the body that may contribute to physical and mental aging, damage and disease. Cells, proteins and DNA are all subject to attack and damage from free-radicals. Antioxidants are an integral natural part of the body’s free-radical defense system and work as scavengers to help neutralize harmful free-radicals and protect cells from damage. Selenium is vital in the production of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which is a natural part of a healthy antioxidant defense system.

Selenium is found in nearly every cell in the body. Selenium is incorporated into proteins to make selenoproteins, which are important antioxidant enzymes.

Fruits and vegetables are major sources of selenium, but the actual amount of selenium in any particular fruit or vegetable is dependent on the selenium content of the soil in which it is grown. If the selenium soil content is depleted, low selenium intake can occur. Meats and bread are also common sources of dietary selenium, along with some nuts, however specific amounts may vary. Selenium may also be destroyed when foods are overcooked, over-processed or over-refined. Though required only in small amounts, selenium supplementation is an easy way to ensure the body receives this important mineral.

Bronson’s Selenium 200 mcg provides selenium in an amino acid chelate form.

Thyroid, Heart & Metabolism Support

Essential Micronutrient

Highly Regarded and Recognized

Highest Quality Formula

Thyroid, Heart & Metabolism Support

Selenium is designed to support healthy thyroid, prostate & heart function. Selenium may also play key role in metabolism in both men and women.

Essential Micronutrient

Selenium is a micro-nutrient that may play a vital role in many physiological functions.

Highly Regarded and Recognized

Studies show that those with the lowest levels of vitamin D3 are the most likely to have impaired immunity. So, it’s not the cold weather, but the lack of vitamin D3-infusing sunlight, that diminishes our immunity.

Highest Quality Formula

Bronson uses only the best ingredients available. Manufactured at a cGMP facility.

Selenium antioxidant protection

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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200 mcg

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