Leading Edge Health , Nexus® Pheromones ,Combines Seven Human Pheromones , Women Will Be Drawn to You , 30 ml نيكزس عطر جنسى ، اسبراى لجذب النساء ، وتظهر بأنك جذاب ووسيم ، يجمع بين سبعة فرمونات بشريه ، 30 مل

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February 29, 2024

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  • فيرومونات نيكزس يجمع بين سبعة فيرومونات بشريه ، سوف تجذب النساء اليك ، وتظهر بأنك جذاب ووسيم
  • يطلق إستجابة جذب بإستخدام الغريزة
  • سبع فيرومونات تثير الرغبة الجنسية ، و يمكن أن تؤثر على دورة التبويض لدى النساء
  • عطر جنسى يلتقطه نظامها الشمى ويذهب الى منطقه التزاوج فى المخ

Here’s what Nexus® Pheromones can do for you:

  • Combines Seven Human Pheromones
  • Wear It Like a Cologne to Attract Women
  • Triggers an Attraction Response Using “Instinct”
  • Women Will Be Drawn to You
  • Try It Risk-Free with Our Money-Back Guarantee

Only 1 left in Stock


Seven Chemicals for “Tall, Dark and Handsome”

Scientists have long known that certain chemicals, called pheromones, trigger strong sexual desire. Studies have even shown that exposure to male pheromones can affect a woman’s ovulation cycle, so she’s quickly interested in having intercourse. Nexus® Pheromones has seven pheromones that tell her you’re tall, dark and handsome. It’s a sexual fragrance that her olfactory system picks up that goes straight to the mating area in her brain. Just apply Nexus Pheromones to your pulse points or spray it on like a cologne. And instantly, you will give off some strong, sexy signals that tell her you’re an alpha male and ready for sex.


Have you ever seen those video studies that show women sniffing men’s worn shirts to choose the one they find most attractive? That’s the effect you’re shooting for with Nexus® Pheromones. It uses male sex pheromones believed to trigger scent receptors in the female mind and coax her mating response. The Nexus Pheromones formula includes:

Androstenone Molecule


This also could make her more sexually responsive.

Alpha-Androstenol Molecule


Believed to make partners comfortable.



May elevate mood in women and convey masculinity.



Believed to convey youthfulness.



Could make her more sexually responsive.



Could make her more sexually responsive.



Linked to a powerful, masculine effect.

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