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Why Egypt Vitamins?

Becasue You Deserve More | Our Scientific team scan products from 3 contenients, screen hundreds of manufacturers and summerize thousands of reviews to select the best products for you.

Becasue We Are 100% Sure | We will give you 500% of product value in case you got any fake product – fake means unoriginal, purchased from doubtful sources.

To Get The Best Experience | Our prices are all inclusive; No shipping fees, no hidden fees and free return of orders. You will know expiry dates, product facts and delivery time before ordering.

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-What Drives Us

Our Mission

We will deliver best dietary supplements in the world to Egyptian families with USA-like experience – No risk, No doubt and No hassles.

Like Desert flower,

We Are Unique

100% Non-GMO

For your health, We never sell GMO-containing products.

Best Customer Rated

Our products are at least 4-stars rated at their origin countries, we do our best to select the best rated products in the market.

USA, EU and NEW Zealand

We never buy products from suppliers in Egypt or Arab Gulf Countries, we import products directly from origin country or 100% trusted seller in USA or EU.

Organic, Natural and Vegan

Most of our products are certified as Natural, Organic, vegeterian, free of harmful additives.

We Believe in Trust

 We will pass customer reviews to others – as it is, and will always give you mere scientific advise away from sales or profit goals – You Desrve Trust

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